The following selections are submitted from the private collection of  Axel Traugott.
Mr. Traugott, lives in the north eastern United States. We sincerly  thank him for his wonderful visual contributions to our Museum  pages.

  Colima anecdotal scene, depicting an elite couple seated in a palanquin, being carried by four porters.


Ixtlan del Rio Couple, Nayarit, Mexico


Ameca Maternal group, Jalisco, Mexico


San Juanito Warrior (Peyote Ceremony), Jalisco, Mexico


Pole Dancer Group, Nayarit, Mexico



Large Mayan tripod jar from Copan, Honduras.


Pataky Jaguar Urn, Nicoya, Costa Rica


Mayan God K Cylinder, Guatemala

Mayan Procession Cylinder with Water Lily Jaguar, El Salvador

Conte style Plate, Cocle, Panama

Dog Effigy, Colima, Mexico