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Ancient China  3,500 B.C. - 1,500 A.D.

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A parcel - Gilt and Silvered Bronze Mirror Song Dynasty [ 960-1279 A.D.] Cast with a central circular boss surrounded by seated Taoist figures and writhing dragons, enclosed with a band containing lengthy calligraphic inscription and another patterned border, Central figures parcel gilded.

9.5 in. Diameter


A carved nephrite Jade Brush Washer of pale green color white striations.Carved as  interlocking Lotus leaves and pod that form two sections to the bowl, a gold fish to one side and carved stalks on the underside
7 in. Long x 3.75in. Wide
Qianlong China 1736-1795

A carved White nephrite Jade Brush Washer .Carved as a group of  interlocking Lotus leaves and pods that form a bowl, White tones with areas of cloudy inclusions and natural flaws.8 in. Long x 6 in.. Wide Qianlong period China 1736-1795



Ming Dynasty Funeral Miniature Chair, done in
Green and Yellow Glaze. 9. in. Tall by 5 in. Wide.
Ming Dynasty  ( 1368 - 1644)



Ming Dynasty Male with detachable head 16in.Tall
Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 A.D.



Ming Dynasty female Attendant, 11.5.
Tall, with a Green and Yellow Glaze
Ming Dynasty  (1368 - 1644)


Ming Dynasty Blue and White Bowl 6 in. in diameter
Ming Dynasty  (1368 - 1644)


Beautiful Ming Dynasty Green Glazed Sedan Chair.
9.5 in. Tall By 5 in. Wide.
Ming Dynasty  (1368 - 1644)


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