Property on loan to The Museum


On Loan from Terry and Kim Young

Chimu, Chancay, Inca, etc.

Ca.800 -1200 A.D.    14-1/4"H.

Large, standing, solid pottery, slab-type female figure, depicted with an angular nose and simple low relief features. Holding hands under tiny breasts, painted in red-brown and white with black details on front, back undecorated.  A rare type.

On Loan from Tim and Terri Robinson

Country: Costa Rica
Period: Circa 600-800 AD.
Size: 13"H.


Description: Large gray brown and site figural carving of a human figure having open looped arms and a continuous loop at the base. Low relief, round eyes, splayed nose and recessed mouth. Body decorated with low raised nodes, similarly made breasts and navel.


 On loan from Conrad and Linda Vernon
Mochica Stirrup Vessel
Period: Circa 400-700 AD.
Size: 8 3/4"

Description: Hollow molded vessel depicting a kneeling man holding an implement in each hand, in low relief on the body. He wears a turban with chin strap. Tan-cream coloration with white highlights. Strong mineral deposits on surface.

Category: Pre-Columbian Art
Culture or Country: Middle Nazca
Period: 100-300 AD.
Size 8"H.

Description: Globular vessel with masked mythical figure depicted sideways, itís headdress adorned with seven vertical snakes, large blade in its hands, a trophy head below. Two large snakes frame the figure and separate it from the second theme including geometric motif, four heads and two legs. Red, orange, chocolate brown, black and white pain.