''The Theory of Everything"                Original Text, Nov. 14th  2006

 2006 to present.

A work in progress as the Laboratory Experiments continue.

For centuries man has searched for the underlying reality of all things. Albert Einstein called this the, “Theory of Everything”, and searched for decades for this theory. Einstein was tenacious to the very end, searching for The Theory of Everything even in his last days on the Earth.

Many great thinkers and scientists have tried to tackle this problem, and many have developed theories that seemingly were parts of this complex puzzle, however none have been able to satisfy the objectivity that science requires.

Here then is a Theory of Everything, and as it turns out it is the key to answer all questions about our material universe.

Theories and thinking can be of two different types, one subjective, and one objective.

Subjective theories are generally more concerned with art, music, architecture, politics, religion, etc. In subjective thought, the results of any experiment may not always be the same for all observers. For example, an experiment of several people viewing an art exhibit may have varied opinions as to the value of each work. In the case of subjective theory, or thinking, the results can, and do, vary greatly.

Objective theory, or thinking, should generate the same results by each observer. If an experiment of any kind is undertaken in any location, with different observers, the results should be exactly, or nearly exactly the same. Experiments done in London should therefore have the same results as experiments done in New York. The only caveat is that both experiments must be set up, and performed, in the exact same manner adjusting only for any variances in a particular location that might affect the experimental results.

Science does not have a great deal of interest in subjective experiments; there are just too many warm and fuzzy edges that can violate the results. Therefore science today, as it has in much of the past, demands that all of its theories, experiments, measurements, and proofs must be of an objective nature.

Most of the Theories of Everything put forward in the past several centuries could not pass the test of objectivity. Either the theory had no experimental proof attached, or other theories, many times found in quantum theory, invalidated parts of what was theorized.

The Theory of Everything as put forward in this paper should completely satisfy today's scientists, as it contains not only various proofs, but also attached experiments, that are completely objective, and in fact have been performed by many experimenters with the exact same results.

To begin with let us look at some of the work and partial theories that have been put forward in the past century that may affect the thinking of many readers concerning a Theory of Everything. In this particular case we will concentrate on those theories most likely to be a theoretical obstructions to this particular, “Theory of Everything”.

The works of all of the following great scientists are of course too voluminous too provide here, but no doubt the readers of this paper will be most familiar with their extensive work. In addition, I must apologize in advance if I have left some one out, as there have just been so many great contributors to human science over the last several centuries. It would be impractical to list all of those here.

My goal here is not to discuss in detail the excellent contributions made by so many, but rather to point out potential problem areas that may occur comparing their conclusions to this particular Theory of Everything.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) With the exception of perhaps John Stewart Bell, and his followers, (Bells therom requires that reality, but not phenomena be non-local and superluminally linked), Einstein and most other Physicists believed that nothing currently exists in the Universe that could travel faster than the speed of light, (186,282.397 miles per second)

Einstein also believed that, God did not play dice, and therefore there were no accidents in the Universe. Einstein was quoted as saying, "all I want is to know the mind of God, everything else is just phenomena".

Max Born (1882-1970), Niels Bohr (1885-1962), Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976); all made contributions to the Copenhagen interpretation, which basically states that there is no deep reality. “ Everyday phenomena are themselves built not out of phenomena, but out of an utterly different kind of being” In addition Werner Heisenberg is also known for his Heisenberg uncertainty principle, "A fundamental consequence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is that no physical phenomena can be (to arbitrary accuracy) described as a "classic point particle" or as a wave, but rather the microphysical situation is best described in terms of wave-particle duality. Until observed all atomic structure appears to be in waveform, once observed atomic structure becomes particle form.”

For Bohr and Heisenberg the world of reality must forever be split in to two separate parts, quantum reality, which we can never experience and classical reality, which is all that we can ever experience.

Erwin Schrödinger(1887-1961)" Discoveries in physics cannot in themselves, I believe, have the authority of forcing us to put an end to the habit of picturing the physical world as reality".

John Von Neumann (1903-1957) In his "quantum bible", DIE GRUNDLAGEN, John Von Neumann concludes that strictly from a logical point of view only the presence of consciousness can ever solve the measurement problem. Von Neumann's conclusion was that the world was not objectively real but depended solely on the mind of the observer.

David Joseph Bohm (1917-1992) In 1952 David Bohm constructed a model for the electron. In Bohm's model the electron is a particle, having a definite position and momentum. In addition each electron is connected to a new field, the so-called pilot wave, which guides the movement according to the laws of motion. Both the wave and the particle are real, but the pilot wave is invisible, and can only be observed indirectly via its effects on the electron. Is it then possible for all objects to be in touch with everything in the Universe, and communicate at faster than light speed?

Bohm also believed that the quantum world was one whole," One is led to anew notion of unbroken wholeness which denies the classical analyzability of the world into separately and independently existing parts. The inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is the fundamental reality."

John A. Wheeler (1911- ) Like many other physicists, Wheeler worked with Einstein, and developed the theory of wormholes in space-time. Wheeler believed that, " No elementary phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon" Therefore the observer creates reality as he goes forward.

Walter H. Heitler (1904-1981) Heitler accepted the observer created reality, but added that the act of observation dissolved the boundaries between the observer and the observed. He also believed that the world was actually a seamless whole.

Dave Spergel an Astrophysicist at Princeton University, states that, “modern science is in much agreement that the Universe consists of 4% matter, 21% Dark matter, and 75% Dark Energy, or an unknown substance that appears to hold the Universe together”.

Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, in their 2006 book, “Quantum Enigma”, found that the one piece of the puzzle that contributed the greatest amount to all of our knowledge concerning physics was the their quantum enigma, and that enigma was the consciousness.

In my very humble opinion, all of these Gentlemen, and many more in their mold, are all basically correct! How can that be? It can be, because they all relate to only a small part of everything. They relate only to what can be objectively theorized and experimented on by a very limited part of the human consciousness, a consciousness that should be referred to as material consciousness.

String theory and M-theory require that one accept additional spatial dimensions in order to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics. That being the case, is it not reasonable to assume that whatever material was used to create our universe in the big bang might have come from another dimension as a unified force?

There exist three basic problems that confront all of science in the search for true knowledge of reality.

Those problems are first, the physical measuring devices that are currently used, second, ones ability to utilize ones free will to seek out an answer, and third, ones ability to view the subject from an outside position. Lets look at these problems briefly one at a time.

First, one of the greatest problems yet to be satisfactorily solved by any theorist is the problem with the measuring device. Through the last several decades many have expressed their concern over this problem. Von Neumann excused the validity of the measuring device, and said that it represented those unseen proxy waves.

Bluntly, everything in the universe is in constant movement, and in most cases in many different directions at once i.e. all waves and particles vibrate. Trying to view quantum reality, or any reality, with measuring devices that are moving in perhaps billions of counter directions to the subject, is just too problematic to be undertaken. The science of physics itself may be assuming too much when it concludes that everything in the physical universe is physical. Over the last century it appears that physicists have substituted mathematics for actual objective experiments.

Second, there is the free will issue, and the paradox of time itself. Perhaps Aristotle said it best, “In the times in which we live, there are no “now’s”. In looking at the issue of free will in humans, as apposed to predestination, one must agree that there must be a present in order to have free will.

Since an individual in a normal state of consciousness cannot alter the past, and cannot alter the future, the only time that free will can be used is in the present. If there is no present then there can be no free will.

If any observer sits for a minute and watches the second hand on a watch, each time a second clicks by the last second is in the past, and the next second is in the future. As complex as the human brain is, and as fast as that part of the consciousness is, that occupies part of that brain, neither could react fast enough to make decisions every second, to say nothing of making decisions every nano-second, if you were to break the seconds down into parts.

As you live through every nano-second you are constantly pushed through, or into, your future. If there is a REAL present, the time increment is so small that a human being using only part of ones consciousness could not measure it, to say nothing of making decisions to affect the outcome of the next time increment of the present.

In their 2006 book, “Quantum Enigma”, Rosenburg and Kuttner suggest that since Bohr’s Copenhagen Interpretation shows that the quantum world remains in a wave state until observed, this would suggest that the observer would have free will to make a choice, and therefore create the outcome of the particle transformation.

I believe this is incorrect. My research points to the conclusion that all of nature is subservient to the observer and withholds particle transformation until the observer moves to make a predestined choice. 

Third, how can the observer objectively develop a Theory of Everything if the observer is doing the measurement from inside the subject? Can one never measure the periphery of the Universe if one is inside the Universe, and limited to subluminal travel?

In order to measure our Universe and even begin to develop a Theory of Everything concerning that universe the observer must in fact be outside of the subject, and this is Rosenburg and Kuttner’s  “Quantum Enigma”, CONCIOUSNESS!

In solving these three problems let us first begin by solving one and three and leave the paradox of time, and free will, to work its way out for itself. We must do this because the paradox of time affects any action we might wish to take, even though it cannot affect our conscious thoughts and attitudes.

In order to truly observe any subjects, and most particularly quantum subjects, what is needed is a measuring device that can be stilled to the point of creating no movement. Quite naturally any such device must not be made of either physical matter or physical energy, since all physical matter and physical energy in our universe consist of multiple moving parts that cannot be sufficiently stilled to act as a measuring device.

What then is something that can be completed stilled, is not made of either physical matter or physical energy, and can be found in our universe? The human consciousness!

Human consciousness consists of a distinct levels; each successive level becomes more aware of its pre-existing surroundings.

The consciousness of mankind, like the human brain, is capable of more than we currently utilize it for. As stated, human consciousness has many different levels, higher levels of thought and perception are only available as lower levels are shutoff. Lower levels of consciousness, like every thing else in the material universe, operate at a certain vibrational frequency. In order to access higher levels of consciousness one must slow down or stop lower levels.  

In the case of human consciousness, once a lower level of consciousness is shut down the next level automatically comes on line. Unlike physical matter and physical energy the upper levels of consciousness are not subject to subluminal travel, and in fact can make quantum leaps of millions and perhaps billions of light years in a single instant. Higher levels of mans’ consciousness is able to transmit itself outside of the physical universe at superluminal speed, and therefore perform a proper measurement of the universe from outside of that subject.

Most humans are familiar with lower levels of consciousness only. In an ordinary waking state of everyday activity these lower levels of consciousness are in use. Some experience higher levels of consciousness in fleeting uncontrolled moments of epiphanies, views of potential future events, and super problem solving abilities.

In the physical universe where physical matter and physical energy are in constant movement the consciousness must vibrate at approximately the same speed as the movement of the subject in order to feed information to the human brain. If a spinning wheel is the subject, and the consciousness is the observer, the wheel is seen spinning, but if the consciousness spins at the same rate, the wheel appears to be stationary. In order to feed stationary data to the brain, the consciousness receives information in vibrational forms from the senses, and then vibrates at the same velocity in order to feed stationary data to the brain. If one stops the vibrations of the lower level consciousness, the view of physical matter, and physical energy, is completely different than what we believe it to be. Imagine what your associates, your automobile, or your home, would truly look like if it were seen with the consciousness stopped. Most physical matter would appear as fuzzy, luminous, blobs, consisting of mostly empty space.

A higher level of consciousness, has several benefits, it is not tied to the human physical senses in any way, it is free to observe physical matter and physical energy in their true forms. And finally, but most importantly, higher levels of consciousness inherently have much greater powers of perception, and connectedness to surroundings.

Higher levels of consciousness gain access to a larger more prolific non-local set of circumstances, which these higher levels automatically understand within an adjustment period; therefore the learning process becomes more one of absorption, rather than education.

All creation, and indeed all reality, is an undivided whole, but the understanding of that whole begins at a higher level than currently being used by the majority here on this tiny planet.

As one enters the next level of consciousness, physical matter, physical energy, and the proxy waves that guide them begin to thin out. Outside of the physical universe, the thinning out of physical matter, and physical energy allows the next level of consciousness to operate in a much freer more creative manner as an observer.

At these higher levels time and space slow to the point of stoppage therefore creating a present in time, rather than just a past and future, at this point higher levels of consciousness control proxy waves themselves and consciousness becomes a creator rather than an observer.

At higher levels of consciousness one learns that all natural laws are not dependent on either subject or object, but are absolute laws of nature, and indeed laws of all creation its self.

 Higher consciousness then becomes the very essence of everything, it exists in the present time with full powers over time, space, energy, and matter. Its powers of observation are perfect in every way; its absorption of all knowledge is absolute.

Laboratory Testing:

As with any objective experiment the practicality of this theory can be tested to its conclusion at any laboratory. The testing parameters are as follows.

My recommendation is that first a group of ten scientific observers be selected who at the end of the experiment can compare results.

The following conditions must, as with any experiment, be strictly adhered to.

1.                  1.      Each experimenter must be of at least an age where the bodies early stage chemicals have fully developed to a mature state.

2.                  2.      Each experimenter must be in relatively good health and of average medical height and weight, and taking no substantial medication of any kind.

3.                  3.      All experimenters must go through a preliminary physical cleansing process of at least six months. Said cleansing process must include a total vegetarian diet without eggs. In addition no brain effecting drugs of any kind may be taken during the cleansing process this list will include alcohol, however mild stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine appear to have no effect on experimenters as long as they are not taken within one hour of experiments.

4.                  4.      During the six month cleansing process a moderate one-hour per day exercise routine should be maintained to include light aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

5.                  5.      During the six-month cleansing process each experimenter should spend at least one hour per day on individual focus exercises. These exercises may include staring at a single point on a wall, focusing on any simple object placed at eye level, and should be performed in the laboratory setting set out below.

Reasoning behind the first set of instructions.

Many things affect the consciousness, as well as the human brain; these include normal chemicals developed by the body during early stage growth periods. The consciousness, and the brain, are also affected by chemicals, and chemical reactions, in the consumption of animal flesh products. All researchers are familiar with the effects of alcohol, and other brain, and consciousness altering drugs, and the fact that very mild stimulants appear to have very little effect on shifts in consciousness remains a small mystery at this point.

As to the exercise requirements of our observers, the better the physical condition of the observer the easier it will be to make a consciousness shift.

Focus exercises are required to make the shift from ordinary current human material stage consciousness to the next level. In order to still the experimenters current stage consciousness level to a point of stillness that conscious level must be brought to a focus point, whereby the vibrations are compacted, and therefore stopped.

Laboratory set up:

1.                  1.       Each experimenter must be placed in a segregated room of not less than 12x12 feet nor greater than 15x 15 feet.

2.                  2.      Each room must consist of ventilated heat and air-conditioning with a separate thermostat, and no mechanized fan units may be located within 50 feet of each room.

3.                  3.      Each room should be without windows of any kind and the door should be sealed to cut out all light sources. A small return air vent may be installed in the door, with the vent louvers pointed downward.

4.                  4.      A comfortable chair, such as a lazy boy recliner should be placed in the middle of each room. The chair should have a leg incline so that over long periods the experimenter’s circulation in the back of the legs shall not be cut off. The chair should be equipped with two sets of straps anchored to the back of the chair as restraints. These restraints will be loose fitting once the experimenter is in the chair, but will keep the experimenter’s head and body from falling forward once the observer’s body is in an unconscious state.

5.                  5.      A lightweight blanket should be provided to all experimenters, as a cover for the body to maintain body temperature once the body reaches an unconsciousness state.

6.                  6.      Each experimenter should be provided with a louse fitting set of sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt made of cotton. These articles should be washed thoroughly in a non-perfume detergent to eliminate any odor.

7.                  7.      Any and all brain and body monitoring devices to be attached to the experimenters should be lose fitting surrounding the observers and all wires should be pulled through the vent louvers in the door to an area far enough away from the experimenters that no sounds can be heard by any experimenters.

Reasoning behind the second set of instructions:

Mans ordinary level of material consciousness may only be breached by eliminating all attachment of ones consciousness to the body, and to the senses of the body that continually feed vibrational data to that primary current level of consciousness.

What we are attempting to do here is to eliminate any possible distractions in advance, which will pull the experimenters current primary level of consciousness back into the body, or into the senses. By depriving the body, and its senses of, as many stimuli as possible we make the job of shifting consciousness to the next level a less tedious job.

Beginning the experiment:

Once the labs are complete, and each experimenter has completed the six-month preparation period, the experiments are ready to begin.

1.                  1.      The experimenters should begin their day at 2:00 a.m.

2.                  2.      Each experimenter should have one hour to become fully awake, and completely conscious in the current primary stage of consciousness, before the experiment begins at 3:00 a.m. These early hours are a requirement at the beginning of the experiments. For some experimentally unknown reason the proxy waves, and time and space itself, are just a little thinner in the very early hours of the morning.

3.                  3.      Experimenters on entering the lab should make themselves as comfortable as possible in the chair provided, but sitting in an upright position. The observer may lean just a few degrees to the rear, and the legs may be raised slightly. An available assistant should attach any monitoring devices, and secure the head and shoulder restraints.

4.                  4.      Once that is complete the experimenter should be cover from the shoulders to the feet with the lightweight blanket.

5.                  5.      The room temperature should be set at a constant 65-68 degrees depending on the desire of the experimenter.

Most humans concentrate in the middle of the forehead in their thought processes, therefore to shut down, ones current lower level of consciousness, one should begin at the point. This concentration can take place approximately in the middle of the forehead between the two eyes.

6.                  6.      As concentration begins, the physical body will begin to go into an unconscious state, and every effort should be made not to move the physical body from its position during the experiment. After a few days in the lab, and within 30 minutes of beginning the experiment, most observers simple are not aware they are even attached to a human physical body. Some experimenters may find this an easy job and may begin to see results within a few days; other may find that they are having difficulty slowing the current primary stage consciousness down. In this case the scientists in charge, or the, experimenter should choose a small number of words, perhaps five, that can be repeated in sequence over and over mentally. This repetition of words seems to act as a focal point for concentrating the consciousness, and wearing it to a stand still. Ones most difficult job in the laboratory is the consolidation of ones current lower level consciousness. Unlike the powerlessness to reign in the atomic structure of the human body, the consciousness can and must be consolidated in order to shift into next higher state. In choosing the repetitive words to be utilized in the experiment, words should be chosen that do not relate to any familiar object, as this may bring about concentration on that object itself, rather than consolidation.

7.                  7.      The experimenter should pick a point in the middle of their forehead internally and focus the consciousness on that point. Ones lower level consciousness will continually try to flee that point searching in vain for stimulus of the senses. The experimenter should just continue bringing the consciousness back to that single point.

8.                  8.      In many cases the lower current primary consciousness will be very reluctant to shut down so that the next level can activate. In a last ditch effort it may shift to an even lower level and take the experimenter into sleep, or a dream state. Persistence is the key here, these drops in consciousness do not generally last but a few minutes, and a waking state will soon return. At that time the experimenter should continue on with the process of concentration on the single point.

9.                  9.      Each session in the lab should last between 2.5 and 3 hours, depending on the comfort of the observer. Even after several weeks of lab work experimenters may find that beginning shifts to the next level takes a minimum of 90 minutes to begin. 

Experimental results:

The experiences of experimenters may vary greatly in the beginning of the experiments, although their actual experiences making the shift to a higher level will be the same.

As lower level consciousness begins to shut down the experimenters will experience flashing lights, and multiple sounds coming from the next level of conscious awareness. As ones lower current primary level begins closure, a gray static filed vision will appear that will quickly close down to a single point. This internal vision might appear as a static filled television set screen on an off channel that is turned off slowly going to a focus point of bright light.

The experimenter should concentrate on that point of light and actually take the consciousness into and past that single point of light.

Once escape from the physical body has occurred the experimenters may have very different views. This variance is due to the observer’s lack of control of the newly released higher level of consciousness. The experimenter may find themselves on a distant planet, they may find themselves at the opposite side of the lab looking curiously at their human physical body collapsed into unconsciousness. They might find themselves totally outside of our universe, although this view is seldom experienced in early stages of a higher level of activation.

As the lab experiments continue more and more control will be gained until the experimenter can transport themselves to any desired location in the physical universe, or beyond its bounds.

Remaining Questions:

Potentially all dimensions of string theory, with the exception of the original dimension, were caused by the big bang. If our universe was an explosion of the Superforce into separated parts then is it possible that other forces unfamiliar in the material universe may exist in these other dimensions?

It seems obvious, “that the times in which we live contain no now’s” also one would think that in order to have now’s, i.e. a present, one must find some way to stop time. However Einstein’s work in relativity shows that movement in space causes time to slow down. Therefore at light speed time does in fact stop. This is the reverse of what one might think. This very simple fact then leads one to believe that additional dimensions must therefore contain different laws related to those specific dimensions, and if that is the case, do these laws unknown in our universe, effect our universe?

A few conclusions:

We arrive in the physical universe in a higher level of consciousness. That consciousness must be lowered to our current lower level in order for us to read the vibrations of physical matter, and physical energy, fed to us through our senses. This process is completed when we are in an infant stage, and is a very confusing period, but one, which we cannot communicate to others. After many months we forget that we had to make an adjustment from a higher to a lower level, and our life here goes on.

In mans search for extraterrestrial life man should look within himself to his additional levels of consciousness, for therein lies not only the extraterrestrial, but the extra- dimensional. If we are indeed going to travel the stars, and if other sentient life is in fact visiting humankind this can only take place via travel by other parts of our whole human system that are not subject to the many natural laws of the material universe. 

One might think that after reading this Theory of Everything that thousands of scientists should just stop their foolish pursuits, which involve huge expenditures of capital and time, and pursue with all dedication, consciousness elevations. Why spend billions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of human hours, on human and vehicle experiments into space? Why not spend all our time in the opening, and development, of the “Quantum Enigma”? In a higher level of consciousness one can go to our moon in seconds!

From Brian Hines, “God’s Whisper Creations Thunder”, amazingly it took 440 physicists from 34 countries 17 years to reveal the top quark. What a tremendous amount of time, energy , and money was spent of this endevor.

The top quark was not seen, nor heard, nor sensed in anyway, or even proven to exist, but simply implied. After lasting for a hundred billionth of a trillonth of a second, the remnants of the decayed particule are what physicists detected.

It is easy to get lost in the details of science and the universe itself. The material universe is filled with a nearly infinite amount of details. Tens of thousands of thinkers and scientists on this planet alone have spent the majority of their lives searching out the details of one single truth. Consciousness shifts to higher levels does away with the trivia.

Human kind will no doubt continue down paths of what are seemingly wasteful time, energy, and capital, because most are still subject to the paradox of time.

Unwillingness, or incapacity, to complete the experiments laid out herein to a satisfactory objective conclusion can in no way invalidate this Theory of Everything, since the experiments themselves are also subject to the paradox of time, but keep in mind that the paradox of time cannot affect your conscious thoughts and attitudes. That which can escape the physical universe is not in the end subject to many of its laws.

As the experimenter realizes the experience of this Theory of Everything their consciousness should disclose to them two things, first that the human entity consists of multiple and divisible parts, and second that some of these divisible parts may not be transmitted past the boundaries of that part of the creation from which they were constructed.

Charan’s Law;


Objects or entities not created in the material universe are not subject to the laws of the material universe. As per John Stewart Bell, consciousness can indeed travel faster than the speed of light.

In fact one can observe a star a million light years away and that very observation may in fact establish a chain of events, but this in no way produces free will in the observer, as nature just provides all choices and is subservient to consciousness, and consciousness is subservient to the laws from that part of the creation from which is was created.

As one continues with these experiments it should become obvious that forces outside of our dimensional universe are indeed affecting our universe.







In the beginning before time, and before creation, there was only one element, SP-X.

SP-X was conscious, formless, and of such size and magnitude that the human mind could not comprehend.


SP-X extended into an absolute void, its size and scope far exceeded the length and breadth of our entire material universe many times over.


SP-X existed in the beginning of everything, and nothing else existed but emptiness.

SP-X was internalized and had no need for the existence of any other.

If time was a consideration SP-X existed in the present, and no past or future existed. There was no infinity, as infinity refers to an unknown quality or quantity, and SP-X was all knowing.


At some point SP-X consolidated all of its formless consciousness. There after by its will it exploded a part of it’s being off. This explosion created time, therein after there existed a past, and a future, not for the consolidated being of SP-X but for the exploded parts. As with all explosions there then existed a multitude of sizes of additional SP-X.


The explosion created a mist or fog, sparks, and multiple larger pieces. The larger pieces being part of the one element became conscious immediately. The sparks had consciousness but did not always remain conscious and lapsed at times into unconsciousness. The mist or fog exhibited a kind of consciousness but could not sustain that consciousness of its own power.


In order for the consolidated SP-X to communicate with the smaller pieces it created by its will a sound current, or communication current, that would remain consistent for all time.


This communication current provided each of the separate pieces of smaller SP-X with total communication at all times with main body of SP-X.


To give the reader some idea of the power and scope of the main  

SP-X is not possible in human terms, however it is possible to give the reader an idea of the power of the smaller pieces of SP-X. One spark of SP-X would have the power, and radiate the light of 12 of our suns.


As time went on the consolidated SP-X found that trillions upon trillions (an indescribable amount) of the smaller sparks of SP-X continued to go in and out of consciousness, and the mist or fog of SP-X could not remain conscious except by additional power supplied by a currently conscious piece of SP-X.


By its will the consolidated SP-X pushed most of the semi-conscious sparks, and the mist further away into the void in an attempt to lessen the power being radiated by the consolidated SP-X and the larger pieces.


This action did in fact keep a small amount of the sparks in full consciousness, but did  nothing for the majority of sparks, or for the mist.


By its will the consolidated SP-X made boundaries for the newly developed area to keep it in isolation and created yet another area even further out in the void, and on and on the process went until all of the sparks retained full consciousness at all times.


These areas of separation consisted of vast areas all with boundaries and limitations of access. Since the mist could not remain conscious of its own power, parts of the mist were consolidated into various forms of liquid, solid, frozen, gaseous, SP-X, and this consolidated mist became known as matter. Other parts of the misty SP-X was formed to make a type of secondary limited consciousness that could be used by the larger sparks as long as the sparks of SP-X provided power or energy to this mist. This secondary consciousness was utilized in the zones where mist had been consolidated into matter.


In addition it should be noted that covers of SP-X matter had to be utilized by pure sparks of conscious SP-X in the outer zone areas to protect the SP-X mist matter from destruction due to the power of the unshielded sparks.


The further away from the consolidate SP-X  the smaller pieces of SP-X are located the more motion and confusion there is, as the outer zones are moving at tremendous speeds around the central zone. This tremendous motion creates a paradox in time wherein no present exits only a past and a future. As an example, it is estimated by modern science that our material universe is moving through the void at approximately 500,000 miles per hour. Forgetting about the movement of our covers and their parts, the solar system, the galaxy, etc. The movement of universe itself could dissolve the present. Even the speed of a bullet from a high-powered rifle only moves at about 3,200 miles per hour.   


In a far off corner of the furthest outer zone is a planet called Earth, it is only one of billions of such planets located in the frozen mists of SP-X.


In these far reaches of the outer zones the communication current is hardly known, but it can be identified by slowing down our personal motion as much as possible and shifting out of our use of mist consciousness. This technique is explained in detail in the lab experiments of the first part of the Theory.


Once contacted the communication current will provide to the consciousness of the spark of SP-X, a method by which the spark may return to the consolidated whole of SP-X as long as the spark can remain conscious in its travels.       


On our human planet Earth there has been found many different sub elements of SP-X, and each element has it’s on characteristics. These characteristics take form due to the atomic structure in each element. Each atom is made of three major parts, protons/neutrons/ electrons/ and several minor sub-atomic parts such as quarks, gluons, etc.


In fact it is currently presumed by modern science that the entire material universe consists of most of the very same elements found here on the planet earth. Modern earth science believes that every single atom that is currently in existence was in existence from the beginning of the formation of the material universe, and all of the universal atoms are just recycled over and over.


If one wants to find out how something is made one should take it apart and examine its smallest parts? Modern human science has done just that over the last few centuries, but have they really come up with a satisfying answer?


Atoms form into molecules and molecules make up the stuff of our every day lives, but how are the parts really different? Some parts have different electrical charges, and some parts have more mass than others.


If you took apart a piece of steel and a piece of gold are these really different?


Are the protons/neutrons/ electrons/ and various sub-atomic parts of steel different from those of gold? No not really!


Certainly steel and gold atoms have a little different structure one having more protons/neutrons/ electrons/ etc. than the other, but the parts of the atoms are just exactly alike. If all the parts are therefore alike, what is this stuff that makes up these atoms?



One might ask, just how much SP-X is contained in the material universe and the answer would be it is completely full.


Modern science tells us the only 5% of the entire material universe is “real” matter. The remainder consists of what science calls dark energy and dark matter. It is referred to as dark as we know it is there but have never seen any of it. In fact all dark matter and dark energy is just different forms of SP-X mist. 


In all of our current creation, which expands well beyond our current material universe many forms of SP-X are to be found. What makes a profound difference in the various forms of matter, as well as what we refer to as life forms, is the amount of concentrated/condensed/ conscious SP-X.


Is a rock made of SP-X? Yes, on the surface it may look like inert material but taken apart it has the very same protons/neutrons/ electrons/ as a human brain.


The forms of SP-X vary so greatly that some appear as living creatures and some appear as frozen stone. All things that exist in the entire creation, at all levels, or in all zones, are just various forms, sizes, weights, charged, etc. SP-X and the communication system that instructs it, and this is indeed the final conclusion to the, “ The Theory Of Everything”.


By Terry L. Young                                                   Published November 14th 2006

Under the guidance, and teaching, of                         Amended June 19th 2009

Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh PhD. (GS)