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Ancient China  3,500 B.C. - 1,500 A.D.


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Origin : China
Period & Style : Circa 12th century, Song dynasty
Material : hard clay
Size & Weight : H.13.0in. (33cm.)



Jin celadon jar
Origin: Zhejiang province, China Jin Dynasty
Age: 3th century A.D., Three Kingdoms period
material: celadon porcelain
Size: height 46.5cm/18.25 in.

This is a 3rd to 4th century Chinese cinerary jar with applied molded figures in a Celadon porcelain. The earliest of these date from the Wu and Western Jin dynasties, from the jiansu and Zhejiang area tombs, as suggested by the wide form of the base of the jar, the large low hill-like lid and the figures.  Compare with ," Traditions of Chinese celadon", by Mino and Tsiang (Indianapolis: Indiana Museum of Art, 1986) pl. 24. See archaeological and collection examples  illustrated in the succeeding pages.

Standing on a low base with his weight evenly distributed on both feet. This figure with well-modeled features including a contemptuous look heightened by the painting. Both hands are held in front of his chest in a pugilistic manner. Costume consists of a cuirass of joined sheets  and wide leggings/possibly a skirt that fall to the ground. A hip wrapper  covers the back. The upper part of the tunic with wide flaring sleeve ends mirroring the wide flaps of his close fitting helm. Tang dynasty, 7th - 8th century. 28.5 in. Tall 

Notes: This style of guardian represents a rare and much more restrained style and demeanor in comparison to the very active fierce forms of lokapala often shown trampling demons or in martial poses. Ferocity comes out in the face, but the stance and posturing suggest great inner strength and control. Compare with san-cai glazed example with biscuit fired head from the Schloss Collection in Sotheby's New York, Important Chinese Ceramic Sculpture, Selected Masterpieces from the Schloss Collection, 841203, Lot 9.




Exceptionally rare ancient Chinese bronze hu jar, dating to China's Han dynasty, circa 2,000 years ago. Crafted in a round flattened shape with brick designs on the outside, taotie mask ring handles attached to both sides, & a lid with a ring handle attached. 355mm High (14.2 inches








DESCRIPTION: Rare massive sancai glazed pottery model of an immortal, possibly the God of War, dating to the Ming dynasty. This exceptionally fine figure probably once graced the front of a temple.
SIZE:  22.4 inches Tall 

Han Dynasty China: Painted pottery kneeling horse 2nd century B.C. unearthed in Luoyang, Henan.Originally with wooden legs, currently 18 in. Tall x 17.5 in. long.

2nd century A.D., Chinese East Han period Ox cart unearthed in Luoyang, Henan.
19 in. Long x 10 in. Tall


Painted pottery Han Dynasty Fang Vessel 2nd century B.C.China unearthed in Luoyang, Henan.
21.5 in. Tall x 8.5in wide

Painted pottery Han Dynasty lady attendant 2nd century B.C. unearthed in Luoyang, Henan.
22 in. Tall



Pottery figure of an Earth Spirit Shaman,
holding an axe, and a snake. Han Dynasty
Szechuan, China 25 inches tall.




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